Hey boys and girls!

This is Lee Anna from Food Me Around!  One evening I had a couple friends over for dinner, when the amazing crispy seafood salad, spicy green curry, stir fry beef and bamboo shoot and of course last but not least the incredible Tom Yam Goong started to kick in, a brilliant idea just popped up! It was so hilarious that I decided to apply for a blog space so that you can all share the joy! I’ve always think whomever had the chance to taste my Thai cooking is truly blessed. But don’t worry, this is not another all-you-can-see-but-not-reach-food-porn site. I won’t overwhelm you guys with bunch of delicious looking food pics, not only didn’t I invite you to come and eat but also put up the recipes so you can suck it up and make it yourself at home. How evil is that??!!

Enough for the jokes, Foodies are the bravest and the most sincere people in the world, and I, of course, cannot live one day without the food porn either, but this is a blog to fool around with FOODS, the goal is to make you go “hahahaha” laugh or “ckeckecke” smile.  Remember, don’t get too serious when you think I’m making fun of certain type of cuisine, life’s too short to get personal! If you are hungry, go have some food. If you are angry? definitely go have some more food!

One last paragraph I promise, I am a young woman currently based in L.A but I speak mandarin all my life, so I’ll try to do both languages for my beloved friends and family from Taiwan. Just pick one to read and you’ll be fine. Have fun reading everybody!


這一切的緣起都是因為有天晚上找了三五好友來我家吃泰國菜,或許是因為那無懈可擊的海鮮沙拉、加了大量椰奶還是辣爽爽的綠咖哩雞、總是屢試不爽的打拋辣炒牛或是泰國菜的明星台柱海鮮酸辣湯,一陣狼吞虎嚥搶食狂嗑之後,莫名其妙靈光乍現在打屁哈拉之中嘴砲出這個全新idea,原本就很想換部落格東家的我正式在WordPress上開設新家Food me Around!各位別擔心,我志不在搶美食達人的飯碗,也絕不會幹那種半夜上傳美食圖的缺德事,不僅不邀各位來吃還附上食譜給你釣竿叫你自己捕魚吃,如此邪惡的事情叫我怎麼做得下手呢?!

(儘管說是這麼說我還是要對所有的邪惡美食部落客表示尊敬,沒有你的food porn,我的人生是黑白的。)

這個部落格名叫Food Me Around, 直直的翻譯過來就是”我”  來  “胡搞” 一番 “食物”,是走KUSO風格要讓你看了會笑的,於是大家不要太認真,人生苦短、有笑有保庇,憤怒的青年或是有daddy mommy issue的鄉民請多扒幾口飯不要鬧事,最後,本人喜歡WordPress的英文介面,但也希望台灣的鄉親父老們都能愉悅的瀏覽,盡量會以雙語來書寫,請各位不要慌,文章點進去往下捲幾下就有中文了。

Anna / 小龍

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