WTF Bread Bowl – 三小麵包


According to my text book, scoring the surface of a hard crust bread before they are baked (such as baguette, bread bowl, country breads…) is in order to let them expand the way you desire while bread rapidly rise cause by oven heat. For me, it’s also a great opportunity to share my Mandarin knowledge with people from around the world. Lately, I’ve been training my classmates to write words that doesn’t make sense to them, but definitely will entertain my hometown fellows. The truth is, Mandarin doesn’t always make sense, it is composed not with letters or alphabets, but a series of complicated writing, each separately means one or more thing, but put together, means another completely different thing.

For example, the two key words I was teaching were 三 (which means three) and 小 (small), but when put together, it has the sound of what commonly considered “What the fuck”  which doesn’t make any sense at all. The other word I was trying to put together in the picture is 米 (Which means rice) 田 (which means field) 共 (I haven’t got to this one yet, but it means share or together) the three of them put together actually means “poop” who would have thought that!


I may be the worse or the best teacher of Mandarin, we’ll see about in another 2 more months, how can we compose out of those intriguing language. And bread Bowl. (Hopefully whoever bought them didn’t buy three of that poop combo at a time. )

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