Daikon Raddish Soup a.k.a蘿蔔湯


Some people said love is always found in the least expected place. ( Or car keys, glasses, unbrellas.) But I am NOT going to comment to this uncomfirmed idiom. Instead, I did found a least romantic ingredient, making it into the most down to earth valentine’s special treat. How? This ingredient is basically a kind of root, how down to earth is that huh?

Just in case you are wondering. Today I’m making a traditional Taiwanese Daikon Raddish Soup. It is well known as the least romantic soup in Taiwan you can find in every noodle stand on the street. The way we Taiwanese present it, is normally fill up in a big plastic bowl, with a big handful of cilantro. Totally echo-unfriendly, totally not a first-date-choice of food. When you order Daikon soup from the street, you normally eat it with a bunch of scooters and honks at the back ground.

Funny thing is today I was just joking around with my friend about how un-romantic Taiwanese people are. But hey I found the solution! It is so lovable and juicy the second you bite into it. Romantic boys and girls, take your lover to the most romantic Daikon soup ever for special occasions! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…..The lover boy Daikon Raddish Soup!!


by the way, after this project I realize one thing,  food suppose to look delicious. But when food looks too pretty, I end up losing my appetite. Guess I’m just a bit old fashion.


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  1. Hi Anna!! Loving your blog photos so far! Haven’t met you yet but I’m Thom’s girlfriend Rose. He showed me your blog a couple days ago. Check out our blog if you have a chance. Still a work in progress and haven’t had much time because of school😦.

    • Hi Rosemarie, Thank you for stopping by!
      I am starting this blog basically to have fun being sarcastic and making up high-in looking food that doesn’t exist in this world:-p Glad you like it! I just checked out you and Thomas’ blog, it looks great too! lots of useful info and lots and lots of traveling!!!

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