Braised Fat Pork on Rice a.k.a 魯肉飯


If you ever go to Taiwan, want to blend in with Taiwanese, or simply just want a piece of heaven melt in your mouth from Taiwan. This is the one and only word you need to learn. “Braised Fat Pork on rice.” The ultimate Taiwanese meat sauce on the ultimate Taiwanese white rice. This is something you can find on the street, in restaurants, mom’s cooking, dad’s secret recipe, definitely something good for all breakfast, lunch and dinner. People who crave for braised fat pork, regardless of rich or poor, can be very picky. They want something fast and simply, warm for heart and soul, fit their own taste bud, most importantly, cheap and fulfilling.

What will  happen when transforming braised fat pork from a big bowl of comfort food to some tiny bite size party starter? or a french high-in portion? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you……THE CHICEST BRAISED FAT PORK!



Okay… the very first post for Food me Around, I soon realize tons of potential problems that I might need to worry about, such as not having enough fancy plates and bowls, I want a various of magical backgrounds like a post-industrial warehouse, a baroque style palace, a Katy Perry style studio, better camera, better napkin paper…..!! So…whoever wants to get rid of their kitchen/dinning stuff, choose me! choose me! I’m very glad to take them off your hand!


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  1. not bad for your first post, but you gotta clean up your english and make your pix pop out more…hope to see some vegetarian options from you as well ;D

  2. 前幾天才去永康街那邊吃了一間餐廳


  3. 高雄有一間店叫”VASIR”,我第一次看到名字以為是髮廊,

    • vasir真的很屌
      要叫 : chez toi 發音聽起來就是很假掰的續攤
      更假掰的是法文的意思是your place

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